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The headquarters of the France Alzheimer and Related Diseases National Union is located at 11, Rue Tronchet – 75008 Paris, France and can be reached at the following address: telephone: 01 42 97 52 41; fax: 01 42 96 04 70 or by email at:

The Director of Publication of the service is Joël Jaouen, National President of France Alzheimer’s and related diseases. He can be reached at the following coordinates:

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Mission of the Endowment Fund

The France Alzheimer’s Endowment Fund for Biomedical Research, created in 2017 by the Union France Alzheimer et maladies apparentées, aims to support biomedical research on Alzheimer’s and related diseases and to foster the development of innovative therapeutic approaches in France.

The Endowment Fund has three priority areas: families, research and prevention.

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