The France Alzheimer Endowment Fund for Biomedical Research, created in 2017 by the France Alzheimer and Related Diseases Union, aims to support biomedical research on Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases and to promote the development of therapeutic approaches. innovative in France.
The endowment fund has three priority orientations, namely families, research and prevention.


The Union nationale France Alzheimer et maladies apparentées (National Union France Alzheimer and related disorders) is the only association built by families to be recognised as an organisation of public benefit in the field of Alzheimer’s disease in France.

With the help of a network of


Local affiliates


Trained volunteers



dedicated to people living dementia, their caregivers and their relatives.

+ than 0 million
people have to cope with dementia.
0 ,2 million
1.2 million people living with dementia today.
new cases diagnosed every year.

The latest trends account for 75 million people affected in the world by 2030.

France Alzheimer is the first French association in terms of support to research on Alzheimer’s disease. Every year, we dedicate more than 1 million euros to launch a dozen new research projects. Each project is selected through a call of proposals for academics teams.

We currently support more than 50 research projects all over France. Since 1988, France Alzheimer has distributed more than 400 research grants, representing over 17 million euros.

In 2017, France Alzheimer has created an endowment fund called Fonds de dotation France Alzheimer pour la recherche biomédicale (Endowment fund France Alzheimer for biomedical research) to support biomedical research on Alzheimer's disease and on related disorders and to speed up the development of innovative therapeutic approaches in France.

The endowment fund is designed to help significant actions in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

Its governance is assured by its Board of directors, with the support of well-respected scientists.


The France Alzheimer endowment fund for medical research has adopted governance ensured by a board of directors and recognized and independent scientists.

Joel Jaouen


Yves Rimet


Frédérique Provent-Soumille


Michel Abline


Brigitte Huon


Mathieu–Pierre Ceccaldi


Sandrine Andrieu


Our values

The core values of the endowment fund France Alzheimer for biomedical research are sharing and expertise. It intends to follow the same dynamics than scientists, moved by the pursuit of public interest and the need of fruitful exchanges leading to cross-fertilisation.

An ethical commitment

The endowment fund puts human values at the centre of its mission: tolerance, kindness to others, solidarity, sharing. That is the reason why we decided that all the results that will follow this project will be freely accessible for the entire scientific community. This choice was dictated by our sense of the public interest and the belief that open access is the best way to achieve rapid progress.

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